Welcome To Shree Jain Vidyalaya

Welcome To Shree Jain Vidyalaya

Welcome To Shree Jain Vidyalaya


shree jain vidyalya

Shree Jain Vidyalaya is an amalgamation of competent teachers, state-of-the-art infrastructure and an experienced and efficient administration and our mission is to create an environment where young minds are nurtured to face the odds, strengthen their potential and develop themselves not only as aware citizens but also into leaders of Global Status through a holistic approach to learning.

Shree Jain Vidyalaya is a replica of this value. Education is Life. Children of our society are invited to live their lives in this institution.

Education is more than imparting knowledge. It is about building character and empowering each individual to be an enthusiastic lifelong learner and a global citizen. A child’s early years are his basic foundation in shaping character, inculcating moral values and preparing pupils for a life of leadership, selfless service, and personal fulfilment.

Very few have realised the wealth of creativity, kindness and values hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every educator should be to unlock that treasure and Shree Jain Vidyalaya is an excellent example where everyone strives indefatigably for this.

Shree Jain Vidyalaya has been enlivening and enlightening society since its inception.


Our shining school is one of the most finest school in our country. The school has won numerous awards owing to its extraordinary education system.


Experienced teachers help impart each and every lesson with a personalized touch. They use the most advanced teaching methods used to impart knowledge.


The top boys' school in Kolkata, offers co-curricular activities apart from academic curriculum for an overall development of their students.


The School's library is equipped with a huge range of books equipped with a huge range of books, journals and magazines on various subjects and disciplines.

Why Choose Us

We are the most experienced and dedicated Institute in the educational field.

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Shree Jain Vidyalaya has well-equipped and well-ventilated Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs, catering to Classes XI and XII students for their practical classes. Teachers and lab assistants are there to guide them. The Chemistry lab has an elaborate exhaust system, taking care of hygiene. The dark room at the Physics lab is a popular spot for experiments. With ample space and scope for work at the lab, students enjoy science to the hilt.

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Shree Jain Vidyalaya provides excellent facilities in their Computer lab. Students enjoy an easy access to the latest software. Computer textbooks are customised for students while trainers guide them through the virtual world. Students make interesting cyber projects on subjects as varied as newspapers, book marketing, conservation, railway reservation, using software such as MS-Office and Visual Basic.

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